Terms & Conditions

By registering you agree to the following:

In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate; the registered hereby voluntarily releases, discharges, waives, and relinquishes any and all actions or courses of action for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death occurring to himself arising as a result of engaging in, or receiving instructions in, said activity or any activities incidental thereto wherever or however the same may occur and for whatever periods that activities or instruction may continue, and the registered does for them self, their heirs, executors, administrators ,and assigns hereby release, waive, discharge and relinquish any action or course of action, aforesaid, which may hereafter arise for them self and for their estate, and agrees that under no circumstances will he or his heirs, executors, administration administrators, and assigns prosecute, present any claim for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death against the First Baptist Church of Solvang or any of its officers, agents, servants, or employees for any of said causes of action, whether the same shall arise by the negligence of said persons or otherwise.